What Do Licensed Practical Nurses Do?


Licensed Practical Nurses in Connecticut care for the elderly, injured, or disabled in a variety of healthcare settings such as home health care, nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and more. Their responsibility includes providing hands-on care to patients who are under the monitoring of registered nurses or physicians.

Some staffing services seek healthcare professionals who acquired certifications and credentials for a specific type of care. In most cases, nursing staffing can directly provide family members with certified nursing assistants in New Bedford, Massachusetts, including LPNs to assist their physicians and registered nurses with several tasks, like taking vital signs, treating bedsores, giving injections, or applying dressings.

With the increasing number of patients to be cared for, more and more caregivers in Massachusetts are highly needed. They can assist LPNs in terms of monitoring, documenting, and administering medications to patients.

There have been many challenges in healthcare recently. The aging baby boomer and the COVID-19 pandemic made it challenging for healthcare workers to keep up with their needs. The pandemic even resulted in an inadequate number of healthcare professionals in each state. Thus, we can help institutions to look for healthcare candidates.

At CREDIBLE HEALTHCARE SOLUTION, we ensure that the candidates we screen are equipped with training, certifications, and experiences.

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