Understanding Primary Health Care


All people have the right to proper care everywhere in the community. It is the cardinal rule of primary health care. Patients are entitled to access physicians and services for their specific needs.

Primary health care professionals have various roles depending on their experiences and educational background. Any healthcare professional who is the first contact for the health system is a primary healthcare provider. For instance, caregivers in Massachusetts who provide care for elderly or disabled patients.

For several situations that occur in a community, some physician assistants or nurse practitioners like licensed practical nurses in Connecticut can also provide primary healthcare services to the patients. They can educate patients about their health and provide information and advice when necessary.

Generally, prime health care involves health promotion, preventive health, counseling, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses: acute or chronic, and health education, which can be provided by healthcare professionals. They can create a primary health care team that will incorporate a wider range of roles to improve health outcomes. They can be a group of general physicians and certified nursing assistants in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

To improve the well-being of a community, specialists are highly necessary. At CREDIBLE HEALTHCARE SOLUTION, we are the bridge between healthcare providers and professionals. We provide the best possible hires for the benefit of the community.

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