Meeting your nurse staffing needs right when you need them
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People matter in healthcare. That goes for both care recipients and providers. As parts of the healthcare system, we assign certified nursing assistant in New Bedford, Massachusetts for our care to have the training, skills, and license to practice in their line of work.

Fortunately, we have just what you need to guarantee that for every hire. CREDIBLE HEALTHCARE SOLUTION uses the latest nursing standards set by the Massachusetts Board of Nursing to meet the needs of both healthcare employers and qualified nursing practitioners. Our expert team of recruiters readily adapts to varying staffing needs, providing timely hires for per diem, temporary, and long-term contracts.

Our recruitment team is all about person-centered care. This guides us in balancing the interests of job seekers and employers to provide the best possible hires for the benefit of patients in the community.

Our Mission

Our goal is to promote health, support care networks, and elevate nursing care standards in facilities and private homes. We are committed to upholding the best possible standards of care in filling positions for both temporary and permanent contracts.

Our Vision

To expand our capacity as a recruitment agency to better serve the needs of both nurse employers and candidates, all with the goal of supporting our community’s healthcare systems

Talk to Us

Set an appointment or give us a call to talk about your recruitment goals. We would love to work with you in accomplishing healthcare objectives when needed.

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