Strategies to Set Up Strong Healthcare Staff Retention


Nurses quit their current jobs for several reasons—lack of support, stressful work environment, the overwhelming number of patients, and inadequate pay and benefit. When an organization does not make the necessary effort to keep and help develop quality health professionals, it’ll be compromising patient care and lose clients in the future.

Here at CREDIBLE HEALTHCARE SOLUTION, our duty is not only to assist you with nursing staffing but also to work with you on how to retain your employees.

  • Identify and Acknowledge Existing Problems
    Research why your staff is leaving their jobs. This could be done through surveys or direct engagement with employees in which they can air their grievances. The problem could be in general, like administration management or personal ones in which company policies could be restricting self-expression, which affects job satisfaction.
  • Provide Solutions
    Once the problems have been identified, create a comprehensive plan to resolve them. When it comes to our licensed practical nurses in Connecticut, we’re always receptive to their feedback, so we can ensure their overall wellness. Always remember that part of your staff’s performance is a reflection of how well you take care of them.
  • Show Them That They’re Also a Priority
    Hardworking medical professionals are the backbone of a health care system. Every member of the healthcare team must feel like they’re valued by establishing a good working environment and giving proper compensation and benefits. Our caregivers in Massachusetts are recipients of mental health programs, so it helps build their resiliency and foster a positive attitude at work.

We’d like to support you in delivering excellent health care services by assigning you professional certified nursing assistants in New Bedford, Massachusetts, who are known not only for their skills but also for compassion in doing their duties.

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