How to Avoid Workplace Burnout

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What is job burnout?

Workplace burnout is a feeling of exhaustion that leads to employee unhappiness. It is not a medical condition, but can affect one’s physical and mental health.

Some signs of job burnout are lack of concentration, confidence, unhappiness despite good performance, headaches, and pains.

The said symptoms happen due to lack of support system, work-life imbalance, delayed promotion, favoritism, or overwork in our Certified Nursing Assistants in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and other employees.

How can we keep our nurses and Caregivers in Massachusetts happy and contented with their jobs?

If our medical field workers have benefits, get recognition based on their performances, and have a clear scope of work, they will remain energetic and enthusiastic about Patient Care. And that also means a good workflow and excellent medical services.

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